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Another tidbit on Woolworth's- the most used Social Security card number...



Many locals know the F.W. Woolworth company was founded in our area with the original store being located in downtown Watertown, New York.  Here is a menu...  I wish we could eat there now!




A spring 2008 discovery while working...

Occasionally my job entails traveling the roads with a technical device called a field strength meter.  The idea is to confirm the signal of the AM radio station conforms to the requirements of the station's F.C.C. license.  In the case of WTNY, there are four locations that need to be measured, one of which is on the Old State Road/Field's Settlement Road between Rt. 232 and outer Arsenal Street.  I've measured this location many times over the past 20 years, but until last week did not realize there was an old cemetery at the top of the hill adjacent to the road cut.  The access road appears to be just a dirt path used by the farmer to access his crops.  Now someone has made an effort and has cleaned the debris and erected an entrance, making the cemetery visible again.  We stopped here again after a couple of days and read the tombstones.  Two were young wives, both only 20 years old. Several died in the 1830s, especially 1832. No markers newer than 1863 were found.  This led me to wonder what happened, especially in 1832.  Here is what I found...  The 1832 Cholera Epidemic in New York State

Here are some pictures...



The cemetery is old... most grave stones are in poor condition or missing.  These are some of the better ones.




Epidemics caused many young deaths


There is a fenced area within the cemetery, possibly a family plot

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