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When the lights went out, how much work did you lose?  Make sure you have an uninterruptible power supply on your computer.  APC makes one that is like a large outlet strip and has three outlets that provide a few minutes of power when the lights go out and three that have surge suppression only along with cables and automatic computer shutdown software.  Plug your main tower and monitor into the battery backed outlets along with your inkjet printer.  Plug your speakers, laser printer, etc. into the surge only receptacles.  Route your telephone through the unit too for complete protection.  This will be $50 well spent. 

     Test your power backup occasionally.  To do this, simply unplug the UPS from the wall outlet with your computer on and see if it does its' job.  Be sure to save all your work, etc. before the test in case the test fails.  After 3 years or so, the batteries tend to fail in these units and need replacing.  

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